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Does Flow-Tech actually soften my water?

Traditional water softening is sometimes called "ion-exchange" because those big water softening tanks, filled and refilled with with salt, actually replace the naturally occuring magnesium and calcium ions in your water with sodium. Flow-Tech is not an ion-exchange system and does not not soften water. Instead, our technology introduces a signal into your plumbing system which neutralizes the calcium and magnesium ions in your hard water to prevent them from sticking to your pipes, fixtures and appliances. All without the maintenance, hassle, waste and slimy-water feel of traditional water softening.

Does Flow-Tech require any ongoing maintenance?

No! Once properly installed and verified by your local Flow-Tech certified plumber, Flow-Tech does not require any ongoing maintenance.

Will Flow-Tech remove existing scale?

Yes! Flow-Tech Home will dissolve existing encrusted scale that is present in your pipes. The rate at which this occurs will vary depending on the make-up of the scale and the amount of water flow in your home. << During the descaling period, it may be necessary to clean aerators, faucet screens, shower nozzles, water heater sediment filters and possibly mix valves. It is also recommended that you flush your water heater 6 weeks after the installation of your Flow-Tech Home unit. >>

What is the difference between Flow-Tech and a water conditioner?

Flow-Tech Home is the only omnipresent treatment solution. Where a water conditioner (salt-free or otherwise) is limited to a finite zone of treatment Flow-Tech has the unique ability to transmit and propagate a low frequency treatment signal throughout your entire plumbing system. This ensures whole-home protection from hard water.